AHI Rental

AHI Rental
In addition to sales and distribution, AHI (China) also provides rental of Up-Lift personnel lift products. These products have been approved by local Heavy Transport Machinery Quality Assurance Centre, in compliance to the latest standards JG/T5103-1998. Products are also fully insured by Pacific Insurance Limited Product Liability Insurance Policy. All products are suitable for both internal and external use.

Main Rental Terms
*  The Company will provide the equipment and operational training.
*  The lessee must ensure suitably qualified personnel only be allowed to operate the access equipment.
*  Prior to commencement of rental of equipment, the Lessee must sign an Equipment Rental Agreement      with the Company.
*  A deposit as per the Hire Schedule is payable by the Lessee; actual rental charged is provided in this Hire     Schedule.
*  To terminate the rental, the Lessee has to call our Rental Department to obtain a Stop Rental Notice             number to avoid further rental being charged.
*  Upon the return of the rental equipment and subsequent inspection confirming the machine is returned      in good condition, the Company will deduct the relevant rental charges from the deposit and the                 balance will be returned to the Lessee immediately.
*  The Lessee will bear full responsibility for any damages caused if the equipment is not operated in               accordance with the Operating Manual/Instructions.
*  All rental machines are properties of AHI (China) Company Limited. Our Sales Department would be pleased to discuss any purchase should you decided to own one.
*  Please refer to the Rental Agreement for full details relating to equipment rental.


Please email or call AHI China Rental Department (010-85384165).

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