Optional Items

  • AHI's Up-Lift and Quick Lift products can be customized and include accessories to meet the different needs of customers. This is to ensure that the operation of aerial working platform can be simpler, more secure, more stable and more convenient to the operator.

    Tilt sensor:

    The sensing system comprised of a tilt sensor and an alarm. When outriggers are not set properly resulting in a tilted machine, alarm will sound and the platform cannot be raised. This is to ensure the safety of the operator's work at height.

    Flashing Light:

    Flashing lights is connected to the ground control box, for safer working condition and to warn by-standers to keep away from the machine.

    Laser Position Locator:

    Laser position locator is installed in the platform, to accurately locate the aerial working position, improving work efficiency.

    Platform Gate Sensor:

    Install near the entry gate, the lift platform cannot be raised if the entry gate bar not sensed to be in the correct position. This is to ensure the safety of the operator.

    Hour Meter:

    Set in the control panel, the clock timer records the time when the machine is switched on to operating mode.

    DC Power Source:

    DC power supply package hangs off the machine, providing 12V DC power supply. The power supply box can be used for situations when there is no AC power supply.

    Dual Power Source:

    AC power can be supplied either as a mobile trolley or as a machine-mounted package. The 230V AC power supply can find applications in situations where there is no power supply.

    Non-standard Cage:

    Non-standard cage and guardrail can be customized according to customer needs, to meet the practical application of different occasions.

    Fibreglass Cage:

    Insulated cages is made of special materials. The aerial working platform with insulated cage can be used in power plants or places which involve working with electricity, to provide improved safety to the operator.

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