The rapid expansion of AHI (China) has been mainly attributable to a team of highly responsive, responsible, professional and skilled personnel. Whilst proud of this achievement, we firmly believe the foundation of success for a well-managed company lies with good quality people. Human resources are a corporation's most important assets. Likewise, these personnels are also AHI’s most important assets, their commitment being an invisible intellectual property of the company.

AHI (China) believes in the congruence of the company with an employee's personal goals. We fully respect each and every employee's ambition, rights and obligations and all employees are offered equal employment opportunities. We offer favourable work environment and strong team etiquette for all employees.

The company will offer equal opportunities for every employee enabling their personnel development in a fair and equitable environment. Employees are encouraged to be creative and achieve self-improvement through work experience and external interactions. Flexible promotional opportunities are available in an open equal opportunity environment. Capable and ambitious people will be able to fully utilize their skills in AHI (China) and can further develop their talents with pride within the group.

AHI (China)'s philosophy is to attract, develop, promote and retain talents. We are proud to have you on board with us. Your contribution and success will make us proud and your career development will ultimately bring about our success.

We at AHI (China) warmly welcome all committed and suitably qualified candidates to join this organization.

If you are interested, please feel free to send your resume to /

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