AHI Recruitment

1). Sales Engineer

1. Responsible for the sales of various types of aerial working platforms, scaffolding and other relevant equipment;
2. Mechanical design graduate, male or female with at least 2 years sales experience. Warm and cheerful with strong communication skills, willing to work in challenging environment, ability to accept some degree of sales pressure;
3. Previous experience in working with aerial work products, hotel supplies, cleaning equipment sales management or sales management with relevant experience, familiar hotel, property, stadiums, factories, warehouses, shopping malls, railway stations airports, exhibition halls, theatres, power generation and supply system, as well as relevant sales channels, customer resources;
4. proficiency in Word, Excel and other office software;
5. Part-time interests welcome; full use of resources such as relevant experience, or channel relationship. Comprehensive business training provided by the company, strong sales support.


2). QC Engineer

1. experience in related industries with Secondary Vocational School Education;
2. more than three years relevant working experience;
3. Good working quality, serious and responsible, rigorous and carefull; good communication skills; good team player;
4. familiar with the ISO9001 quality management system; familiar with the product process; familiar with the product standards; familiar with the supplier quality management; familiar with the relevant national standards; proficiency in office software.


3). Procurement Engineer

1. follow the company's procurement policies and procedures to carry out procurement tasks;
2. assist in vendor assessment and management: focus on quality, cost, price, delivery, their business reputation and capacity of suppliers to provide quality product on time. Assess the supplier's production capacity and technology. Negotiate to obtain competitive prices or service, always in control of procurement costs;
3. responsible for the relevant purchase orders issued, execution and tracking; responsible for the relevant procurement of materials into the plant after quality tracking, feedback and handling;
4. knowledge in ERP software management system;
5. to assist the financial processing of raw materials accounts payable, including and reconciliation, coordination and other payment terms suppliers.


4). Assembly Fitter

1. relevant professional qualifications, at least 3 years of work experience;
2. warm and cheerful, quick in response and interpersonal skills;
3. active, dedicated, ready to accept challenge, able to work under pressure;
4. with experience and relevant skills.


5). Assembly Electrician

1. more than 2 years experience in Electrical, mechanical equipment assembly;
2. technician certification, able to read technical drawing, electrical cabinet wiring experience;
3. good personality, willing to grow and develop with company.


6). Production Supervisor

1. degree or above, machinery manufacturing and other related professional experience;
2. 3 years of working in mechanical manufacturing companies or site management experience, preference given to work experience with foreign companies in the production supervisory areas;
3. proficient in production standard and product quality specifications, familiar with technical and production processes, familiar with manufacturing production, logistics and internal operational processes;

4. with a strong quality management, process optimisation background; ability to co-ordinate and organise, ability to analyse and solve problems;
5. good leadership and organisational skills, communication skills, ability to execute plans;
6. under the leadership of superiors, finish required task on time, and carry out tasks independently

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