Man Lifts Products

Up-Lift and Quick Lift are Australian registered brands, the company specializing in the production of vertical access aerial working platform. Access Holdings International (AHI) is involved in the design and development of the aerial working platform based on the product ergonomic advantages and continuous customer feedback.

Up-lift and Quick Lift are compact in size, lightweight, mobile, convenient, safe and reliable. Up-lift and Quick lift are assembled utilising the most advanced technology, using the highest quality materials and parts. The product is equipped with a back-up power system which allows the platform to return to its stowed position in the case of any power failure. This is a comprehensive solution to minimise risk while working at height.

AHI vertical access aerial working platform are credited with European Union CE certification, Australian standards AS1418.10 certification, South Korea safety certification, Singapore certification as well as other local country certifications. The quality management system of company's factory is certified to conform to the Standard ISO9001:2008. The vertical access aerial working platform models ranging from 3.5 to 20m working heights are equipped with both AC and DC power supply options to adapt to the requirement of various working environment.

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