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Man Lifts regular inspection and maintenance

Australia Up - Lift brand aerial work platform, please check regularly in the course of using, in order to prolong the service life of equipment, ensure the safety of high-altitude operators, etc., as shown below:

Daily inspection: overhead work before inspection on aerial work platform, timely discover and eliminate various abnormal phenomena.

Weekly inspection: the maintenance personnel and operators to cooperate, the aerial work platform running system for inspection, maintenance, lubrication.

Monthly inspection: safety management of equipment or maintenance personnel check the reliability of the aerial work platform safety device, the working condition of important components and the performance of the control system.

Year inspection:Organization equipment, security management and maintenance personnel examine a major part of the aerial work platform, wear and fatigue status, test the reliability of the electric control system, safety protection device, sensitivity. Adjust work institutions to make it meet the design requirements, timely replacement of damaged parts.

supervision and inspection:Cycle according to the rules apply to the special equipment safety inspection institutions for aerial work platform safety technical inspection. The safety of the inspection agency put forward hidden < br > & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent Timely rectification, so as to ensure the safety of aerial work platform and reliable Run.

Aerial work platform monthly maintenance

Check whether the hydraulic aerial work platform guide pin parts wear and tear. If there is a vibration in the process of lifting, lift is not smooth and the presence of noise. Aerial work platform rises all the way, whether the measure can raise the standard of equipment level. Such as hydraulic oil found dark, sticky, or has the foreign body, such as gravel should be replaced in a timely manner (32 # fluid Pressure oil).

Aerial work platform for annual maintenance

Check all hydraulic pipes and fittings. Can't loose pipe can't there is any breakage, connectors, all joint must be tightened. And falling apart aerial work platform valve, the plunger with compressed air blowing off, and then load, replace.
The hydraulic oil is put rejected, tighten the joint remove oil filter, after cleaning, use compressed air to clean up, and then back into the tank, and connecting line.


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