Corporate Culture

Corporate values

We see quality standard with the potential to create a tsunami change and our detail attention to quality determines the corporate future. Access Holdings International (AHI) is a supplier of high quality, innovative products and services at a competitive price.

Entrepreneurial culture

Innovation, courage, and ability to adapt to market demand and changes.

Team culture

A united, cooperative team working culture in a competitive product development environment, with the ultimate aim to create a better future.

Action rule

Every change starts from the heart, every action starts from me. Strive for perfection, strive to become stronger.

Smart working

Stop complaining but work towards solving a problem; seek the truth from facts, with an achieving and unconquerable spirit.

Crisis Challenge

Risk and opportunity coexist; thinking ahead is the way AHI employees constantly challenge themselves in their business development- a positive strategy to excel themselves.

Closely knitted group culture

Equality, trust, understanding, friendship.

Employee Standards

Never put off what you can do today till tomorrow. Quality is the No.1 priority; unity and cooperation, responsible & progressive attitudes and never stop learning; diligently analyse any business issue, be creative, master the skills, eliminate mistakes and errors, improve work efficiency, and actively provide constructive suggestions.


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